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Brokers Comparison: DotBig vs TD Ameritrade

Updated on June 21, 2022 | by Olivia Reeve

If you don’t have experience in forex trading but want to get started in 2022, you need to take some time to find the best forex broker. There are many different companies on the market, but not all of them are reliable and offer beneficial conditions for beginners. Do DotBig and TD Ameritrade offer enough to satisfy one’s needs? Which one is better? Let’s figure this out.

Overall Comparison

DotBigTD Ameritrade
Minimum deposit$250$0
Bonus10% welcome bonusnone 
Year of foundation20031971
Tradable instrumentsCurrency pairsstocks cryptocurrenciescommodities 
indices cryptocurrencies ETFs CFDs
StocksBondsMutual fundsETFsFuturesForexForeign ADRs IPOs for qualified accounts
Trading platformsMT5, DotBig Web, MobileTD Ameritrade Web, Mobile, Thinkorswim Platform
Payment servicesBank transfer Visa Mastercard Transferwise Skrill 
WebMoney PayPal Qiwi YooMoney
Bank transfer
Customer support24/524/7

Comparison of Brokers’ Commissions

To shape their budgets, professional traders consider all the potential expenditures. Trading and non-trading fees take a great part of these expenditures. Usually, traders try to find companies that impose minimum fees and allow minimum deposits to fund clients’ accounts. Another leading broker that you might not know about is Fidelity.

Neither DotBig nor TD Ameritrade charges their clients with trading fees. This means traders and investors can access different markets and speculate on available financial instruments, paying no additional commission for this. But both brokers have non-trading commissions. As for DotBig, it charges:

  • inactivity fees;
  • a 3.5% commission for withdrawal on cards or via electronic payment services;
  • a €35 commission for each withdrawal executed by means of a bank transfer.

TD Ameritrade’s non-trading fees are slightly different from those represented by DotBig LTD.

  • no inactivity fees;
  • no annual fees;
  • a $75 commission for a full withdrawal;
  • no commission for a partial withdrawal. 

Broker Comparison: Trading Conditions

Both brokers are accessible for online trading. Although TD Ameritrade was founded in 1971, now this company offers an electronic trading platform to provide its clients with the possibility to benefit from its trading conditions online.


DotBig LTD and TD Ameritrade are both good for forex trading. On DotBig, traders can freely access 72 currency pairs with an average spread of 1.2 pips. On TD Ameritrade, 70 currency pairs are listed. You can benefit from trading on forex markets thanks to its accessibility 23 hours a day, 6 days a week, while stock markets are more limited. 

Investing in stocks is one of the services offered by both DotBig and TD Ameritrade. The first brokerage company lists 244 assets from stock markets. TD Ameritrade is a better option for investors looking for more extensive stock trading conditions. Here, they can benefit from equities, international stock trading, and IPOs. Plus, having 13,000 mutual funds available, TD Ameritrade covers a range of asset classes.

Additionally, clients of TD Ameritrade invest in futures and options, which aren’t available on DotBig online trading platforms.

What makes DotBig better than its competitor, in terms of trading conditions, is the possibility to invest in cryptocurrencies. DotBig lists over 650 digital assets with an average spread of 1.74 pips, while TD Ameritrade offers only crypto-related products, but not cryptocurrencies themselves.

As for DotBig LTD, it displays other instruments such as commodities and indices, which aren’t tradable on TD Ameritrade. DotBig offers 6 commodities and 13 indices.

Broker Comparison: Platforms and Tools 

Both DotBig LTD and TD Ameritrade have web platforms for online trading. With them, you don’t need to install desktop programs on your computer, just enter your browser and access the platform. DotBig Web is highly praised for its convenient navigation and user-friendly interface. It’s a good option for automated trading because there are trading advisors and robots. Moreover, beginners can access a platform for social trading, on which they can benefit from using the strategies of more advanced traders. DotBig also has MetaTrader5, which displays charts, graphics, and other up-to-date analyses tools.


You can trade on TD Ameritrade via thinkorswim. It features many powerful instruments such as charts, third-party research and educational tools, and planning instruments. Thinkorswim desktop may also perform idea generation and market scanning. Last but not the least, the platform provides access to an extensive number of resources of real-time quotes for more efficient stock trading.

Which Broker is Better Overall?

Both DotBig and TD Ameritrade have their advantages:

BrokerDotBigTD Ameritrade
Advantagesan extensive number of tradable symbolstop-notch trading signalsaccess to social tradinglow spreadsaccess to venture investmentsgood educational resourcescommission-free tradingcutting-edge trading platformsno minimum deposit requiredhighly proficient customers support serviceslarge range of investments to choose

This comparison of online brokers cannot give you a clear answer to which one to choose because your choice will depend on your needs. If you aim to benefit from crypto trading or venture investments, choose DotBig. But if you are looking for the best platform for stock trading, TD Ameritrade is a better choice.

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