Living in the UK vs. Cyprus – A Comparison

Updated On July 9, 2021 | by Alex Smith

Difference Between Living in UK and Cyprus

Moving to southern Cyprus, which is closer to Greece, is becoming very popular for many overseas nationals, especially the Brits. Looking at houses for sale in Limassol means you can get a new home with access to sunshine and unique Mediterranean culture. Click here to see beautiful houses set amid beautiful blue seas, beguiling beaches, and warm sunshine. 

It’s no wonder at all why this so-called birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, has enticed many wanderers over the years. It also doesn’t come as a surprise why you may consider relocating here. If you are looking to move to Cyprus from the United Kingdom, take a look at the factors you must consider below. Though moving to the “Island of Love” is beckoning, nothing beats making an informed choice. Take a look at this quick comparison between living in the UK versus Cyprus. 

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Looking at The Difference Between North and South

The first thing you must consider coming from overseas is where to settle. You will find the island of Cyprus divided into two. The northern part possesses a closer affinity to Turkey and even uses the Turkish Lira as their currency. Meanwhile, the southern south serves as the gateway to the European Union. For this reason, many foreigners look for houses for sale in Limassol, a bustling city in the south. 

Hence, the British and other Europeans find it easier to enter here. When moving there from the UK, you can expect the same rules and regulations as with any other parts of the EU. Even the currency used by southern Cypriots is euros. Besides, a certain investment grants you a legal residency permit or citizenship. The option depends on the amount you invest in Cyprus. 

Acclimatizing Becomes Very Easy with Friendly Cypriots

Today, statistics show that around 70,000 British expatriates call Cyprus home. Unlike the colder British culture, you will find very friendly Cypriots who welcome all nationals. Hence, many overseas nationals blend in well with the people and lifestyle of this island country. In fact, you will find a lot of competition as you look at houses for sale in Limassol. Thus, when you see something, you like, it is best to make an offer right away before you lose that dream home. 

Most of all, many locals speak English, so communication doesn’t prove to be a problem. If you choose to live here, you can integrate well with the community. The locals willingly help you navigate your way around town. On top of that, Cyprus is very safe, with low crime rates and no abductions. Choosing a house in Limassol also puts you in a great city with access to:

  • Vibrant business market
  • Robust employment opportunities
  • Great school districts
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • A wide array of restaurants
  • Entertainment spots

Enjoy Many Days of Vibrant Sunshine and Good Weather

Are you sick of the UK’s cold and dreary weather? If you are finally ready to say goodbye to the grey, cloud, and rainy days, it is time to seriously hunt for houses for sale in Limassol. After all, many people love the very mild winters and pleasant summery days of Cyprus. Living here means you get to enjoy better weather with more sunshine. 

As a result, you can enjoy more beach days in the pristine waters and white sandy beaches surrounding this island paradise. This means you can say goodbye to dreary UK weather and enjoy the benefits of sunshine like:

  • Vitamin D exposure 
  • Boosting immunity
  • Improving mood
  • Rejuvenation 

Remember, the sun has the power to make people feel happy and positive. It has the power to lift depression and make you feel better. Calling Cyprus home means having access to warm, pleasant weather. 

Better Housing With More Spaces for Families

If you look at houses for sale in Limassol, you will notice that you will get more bang for your buck. Everyone knows that the UK has oppressive housing rates. For the price of a flat in central London, you can get a beautiful villa in Limassol with a sprawling garden. Best of all, you’re not renting it, and it’s yours to keep forever. 

Investing in Cyprian real estate assures your money goes a long way. You can get a vast plot of land and consider a custom build. If you are raring to move, there are many houses or apartments to choose from. You have a lot of options to work with coming into town. The power is in your hands, so you can leverage that to make a great deal. 

Consider Access to Good Healthcare 

Many know that one of the downfalls of universal healthcare is waiting in a very long line to get to see a specialist. In the UK, unless you are in a critical condition, you have to wait for a long time to book an appointment with a specialist. On top of that, you must fork out money for private insurance if you want excellent treatment. 

In contrast, you can access immediate and equally good medical care in Cyprus. People find it comparatively cheaper here even when doing surgeries or even buying over-the-counter medicines. You can see a specialist for around 30 euros only. Furthermore, all the blood tests, biopsies, and other treatments are conducted swiftly. As a result, your health issues do not escalate and become more complex with all that waiting. 

And Finally, Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

Looking at houses for sale in Limassol means you are not just looking for a home, but you are accessing a better quality of life. For example, restaurants serve delicious yet very affordable meals. You won’t feel guilty dining out at all. In fact, the prices are quite cheap so you can splurge on wine to go with it. That’s something you will be hard-pressed to do in the UK.  

Most of all, you can get a lot of beach therapy in Cyprus whenever you want. Go swimming, sunbathing, or do water sports. You will also find a lot of places to go running, hiking, and cycling. 

When you let go of your stressful UK life, you can buy a good home in Cyrpus and a cheap vehicle. From there, you can call an island paradise home, and live the rest of your life as if you’re on vacation. What’s not to love?