How Much Will It Cost to Get Data Recovery Software?

Updated On April 21, 2022 | by Louise Simon

Cost to data recovery software


When your hard drive crashes, it can be a nightmare. Whether it’s your personal data at risk or your business document, the very first thing that comes to mind is what to do and what might be the cost of data recovery software.

Why Need Professionals for Data Recovery?

I have seen many individuals DIY and try to recover the deleted and lost data. Only a few people get through the right process and can recover the data. Most people simply fail to recover the data and, even worse, overwrite the drive that makes it impossible to retrieve the lost data.

Some data recovery processes may be done by yourself, but there are times when the data loss is massive, and the data recovery process becomes complex for you to handle. I believe leaving the process to professional data recovery software will ensure a higher recovery success rate.

Is There a Flat-Rate Data Recovery Services?

The data recovery industry is a complicated one. There are so many factors that make it impossible for the agencies to come up with flat-rate services. With data loss, there could be anything that has caused data to be damaged or corrupted.

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Hence, the price of the data recovery services can only be evaluated by an experienced data recovery engineer after going through your drive and finding out what problem your drive has. With that said, I am here to educate you and show how you can evaluate the cost of data recovery software based on the type of recovery services you need.

  • Unknown Data Loss Reasons: It is true that some users even don’t know why they lost the data or how they deleted the data. To make things easier to solve, data recovery software might be the best helper, like Remo File Recovery Software Best Tool To Recover Deleted Files.
  • Each Data Loss Scenario Needs Different Data Recovery Solution: Depending on how you have lost data, data recovery can be both a simple process and a complex process at the same time. Powerful data recovery software should be versatile to meet different users’ needs.
  • Device type: In general, you may be using Windows computers or Mac devices. Data recovery companies also have different solutions for these two devices, for example, Mac data recovery and Windows data recovery. It’s necessary to figure out which data recovery software you need to use for your device. 

Type of Data Failure That Determines the Recovery Cost

Understanding the type of data loss event that has occurred and how the data recovery process will get back the data will give you an idea about the cost of recovery. Here are a few data drive failure situations that can result in data loss.

1. Mechanical Failure

When there are mechanical failures inside your hard drive, you will instantly know about the errors. This is because clank sounds usually follow mechanical failures. 

This kind of failure means you have to pay for the data recovery services and pay the price of the hard drive body parts that have been damaged.

2. Logical Failure

Logical failures are more common in the data loss scenario. This type of error is easily dealt with as the problems are mostly associated with the operating system. When that happens, you will find the following problems arising:

  • Directory damage.
  • Accidental file deletion.
  • Formatting issues.

A logical failure encapsulates the problem with the drive booting and unable to access data. Logical failure data recovery can easily resolve at a cost lesser than mechanical data recovery.

Can I Recover Data on My Own?

You can certainly do that. In fact, most people have software like iBoysoft data recovery software and use it to recover lost and deleted data. What’s more, even if you are not experienced with the data recovery process, you can still run data recovery software like an expert since the program is very easy to use. It offers professional help for both Mac data recovery and Windows data recovery.


Now that you have a better understanding of the types of the data loss scenario. The data loss scenarios can be further broken down based on what kind of data has been lost and for how long.

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As you can see, there is no end to these factors. The deeper you go with the data recovery process, the more factors you encounter which influence the pricing of the data recovery software.

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