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Converting HTML to PDF for Future Use the Easy Way with GogoPDF

Updated on May 31, 2022 | by admin

Converting HTML to PDF with GogoPDF

Suppose you’re a website designer or web administrator. In that case, you know the value of HTML codes and how it enables us to create a particular “look” on any website. Whether you are converting actual HTML codes or their representation on a web to PDF, there’s a reliable tool for that. The methods or steps on how to convert HTML to pdf are everywhere. The reason is simple. Everyone can do it, and they can do it by using an online converter. Having a lightweight tool gives you more flexibility and time to be the best asset to your project or company. People didn’t realize this, but there’s a study showing we only do 60% of the total workload per day. These findings mean that no matter how “hard” we work, this effort doesn’t translate to useful output. 

Converting your HTML file to PDF using GogoPDF

Since its creation, GogoPDF has helped many organizations create more jobs and also projects. Conversion of files is part of every company, especially those dealing with advertising, marketing, web design, and even print media. We could not escape this task no matter where we go, especially when computers are part of our work tools. So, how did GogoPDF become such an essential part of any online task? 


A lightweight online tool that lets you convert all files into different formats. This capacity also includes switching non-PDF files back to their original form. GogoPDF has two existing versions. The free version allows you to use all the tools you need in converting. It is also fast and is available online. There is no need for you to download it or install it to your programs. It will run using cloud technology and your browser. It is also compatible with any platform. You can use Mac, Microsoft, Linux, or any operating system without problems. This advantage is because of its being independent of the computer’s memory or processing capacity. It can also run with any browser. You can use Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or any browser as long as it is updated.

Another best feature of GogoPDF (which is available in the pro version) is its emphasis on security. We all know how expensive a security breach is. That is why it is crucial to have a reliable tool that lets you do things without compromising your security. This advantage is because of its use of encryption. Your files get encrypted as soon as they are uploaded to the GogoPDF database. Apart from these, the tool doesn’t rely on your hardware. So, if there is an issue or problem with your system and it wipes out all your files, you still have the capacity to download a copy of your uploaded files from the GogoPDF cloud. Having these things in mind makes you more at ease. It also gives you more energy to do other tasks. 

Converting HTML to PDF Procedure

Having a working computer, Wi-Fi, and a browser is what you need. HTML files can either be uploaded or pasted as a document file. Your computer can either run Windows, Mag, or Linux. GogoPDF is compatible with any platform. This is the beauty of web-based tools. They can work with any operating system. You can also use any compatible browsers. These are Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. You can also add GogoPDF as a browser extension. This shortens your time by having it on your browser. This procedure gives you automatic access to the tool site without typing the URL every time you use the converter tool. Your Wi-Fi connection doesn’t need to be fast. However, it helps to have a fast and reliable connection. This is during a situation where you work with bigger files. This also goes for multiple tasks where you are running several programs or functions in the background.

  1. During this process, the first thing you have to do is to launch your preferred browser. If GogoPDF has already been added as a browser extension, then you click on it. If not, then you need to type the URL in the search field. You can also use a search engine like Google or Bing to look for GogoPDF.
  2. Once you get to the main website, you will see all the tools for any tasks you want. You only need to look for HTML to PDF. This procedure will give you the converter tool.
  3. You can drag, drop, or attach an HTML source URL. GogoPDF will upload the information to its database. Conversion happens in seconds. You will soon see the PDF version of the HTML file you’re converting.
  4. At last, you can download the PDF file to your computer or share it. GogoPDF has an automatic setting that prevents you from tweaking the tool site every time you log in. 

If speed and security are essential to you, you have then switched to GogoPDF if a wise choice. It relieves your computer of the installation burden. It also allows you to speed up your tasks. This way, you can devote your time to other tasks.


Most of the time, we provide mediocre jobs, even though we are entirely gutted at the end of the day. This has something to do with time management and also the way we attack work. Now you know that you can still be productive without sweating it out. This has something to do with using the right tools. Creativity also plays an important, albeit crucial, part of being productive. 

More online tools are going in the minimalist direction, just like GogoPDF. This direction means less clutter and more emphasis on functionality. In the past, the more web animations you have gives the illusion of productivity and functionality. Today, in technology, less is more with severe tools like PDF converter tools. After all, less clutter means fewer browser resources. Animations and pop-ups can slow down your computer and your internet connection.

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