Now Streaming: Firestick Users’ Most Frequent Encounters and How to Solve Them

Updated On February 2, 2022 | by Janvi Panthri


Online streaming services are dub as modern-day television. As the industry continues to expand globally, we keep on attaining multiple access to it. Amazon steps up the game with a portable device named FireStick to give you instant passage to various streaming applications. However, since its launch in 2014, many users are still unaware of maximizing the capability of this device. Below, you will learn more about FireStick as we discuss the standard device issues you can encounter and the solutions you need to consider.

Store More Than What is in Store

Amazon exclusively owns this device; however, your options are more than what is available on the Amazon App Store. Since its operating system is Android, you can side-load android streaming applications for free. You just need to utilize a tool named Downloader, which is available online. MX PlayerCinema HDKodiFilelinkedAptoide, and Stremio are some of the most popular side-loaded applications up to date.

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Too Slow? We Got You, Bro!

As the technology advances, you may still face significant issues, specifically with the speed of your Firestick. It’s a relief that there are several ways on how to fix this problem to avoid interruptions or buffering. Foremost, you need to evaluate the kinds of speed your device is receiving. Once assessed, conduct different procedures such as connecting an ethernet adapter, using free multi hosters within applications, adjusting VPN policies, or upgrading your internet connection. It is always a case-by-case situation.

If Storage is Full, Flash Drive is Your Best Tool!

Since there are tons of applications you can download, the internal storage is easy to max out. Fortunately, you can get an OTG cable and use it with the help of a USB flash drive to enlarge the storage of your Firestick device. This technique permits you to install applications on an external USB device.

External Video Player Will Make It Better

Having Amazon Fire Stick gives you the advantage of using external video players within streaming applications. As a result, you get to experience better viewing due to limited to no buffering. Some of the most common external video players are VLC Media Player and MX Player.

Take Control Using Your Smartphone

Despite the massive success of Amazon FireStick, there are still negative feedbacks coming from the consumers regarding the remote included in the package. Common issues are syncing and battery failure. In case you get to experience the same problem, there is an application you can install on your mobile device that functions the same as with Amazon’s. One of its notable features is that it allows you to use the phone’s keyboard to type more conveniently than on-screen. You can download the app on your Apple devices and Fire tablets at no cost.

You Can Afford to Cast and Record

You might be still unaware that Amazon FireStick allows mirroring from a different device; meaning, you can cast your mobile’s screen straight through the television in just a snap. Aside from casting, you can also screen record directly from your device. For that purpose, install a separate application available at the Amazon App Store.

While Asleep, Put it to Sleep!

Since FireStick does not give you an option to turn it off, you can use the sleep feature to save power on your device and television. Just hold down the home button on your remote and select sleep to enable this feature. You may find this as a normal function; however, many are unaware of its existence. If your device malfunctions and this option does not work in the worst-case scenario, you already need to restart or factory-reset your FireStick.

Get Video Ads Out of the Way!

Nobody wants distraction while watching, just like how video advertisements play at the top of your home screen. Usually, this consists of a movie or TV show teaser, which is irritating to the ears. Unfortunately, advertisements are unremovable, but you can change them from videos to still screenshots only. To do so, you need to click on Settings, then select Preferences, choose Featured Content and lastly, turn off Allow Video Play and Allow Audio AutoPlay. 

The Bigger, The Better!

A screen magnifier is a powerful tool to view pictures and texts more evident and more prominent. If experiencing poor eyesight, this device comes up with a screen magnifier function that allows you to zoom in on whichever item you want. To enjoy this feature, just go to Settings, then select Accessibility followed by Screen Magnifier.

Cheers to A New Beginning! 

Just like with a computer or laptop, often we experience applications malfunctioning. When this happens, clearing cache or data is already a great help. Its primary purpose is to reset the application as if it is newly installed. First, open Settings, click on Applications, choose the Manage Installed Applications buttonselect the app, click Clear Data and Clear Data Again. 

It is Nice to Pair Your Device

Aside from the remote that comes with your FireStick, you can also connect other accessories via Bluetooth. This includes gaming controllers, keyboard remotes, and headphones. To sync, go to Settings, click on Controllers and Bluetooth Devices, select Other Bluetooth Devices, and choose Add Bluetooth Devices

Protect Their Ignorance

Due to the wide variety that streaming platforms offer, some contents are not suitable for young audiences. Given that we cannot keep an eye on our children 24/7, setting a parental restriction helps. With Amazon FireStick, you can set up parental controls by nominating a code. To enable this feature, you need to open Settings, select Preferences, and choose Parental Controls. Once set up, you can specify which videos to restrain and applications to purchase.

Less Is More

Aside from binge-watching your favorite movies and shows on several applications online, Amazon FireStick is also a good pair with an IPTV service. It gives you access to thousands of TV channels across the globe. IPTV is quite like cable, but it has a considerable advantage because it is wireless. All you need to do is pay for the subscription and download the application on your FireStick device. Some of the most popular IPTV services are Xumo TVPluto TV and, Fubo TV. For more info about IPTV, check the services listed on this page.

Taking advantage of the total capacity of your device makes it worth the price. With proper knowledge and curiosity combined, you get to have an ultimate watching experience with your loved ones. More than to maximize FireStick’s full potential, rest assured that these techniques will also help you from trouble anytime. Grab your snacks and make sure to have fun!

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