What are the Challenges of Salesforce Automated Testing?

Updated on March 14, 2023 | by Samara Davis

Testing Of Salesforce Automated Testing

Salesforce is a robust CRM platform that enables entrepreneurs to manage customer data and connections. However, there are thousands of functionalities, which can make it difficult for Salesforce testers to test each one independently. With added feature comes increased complexity. This can be troublesome for companies seeking to opt for Salesforce automated testing process as their testing procedures, as Salesforce tests are difficult to automate. This is why Salesforce automated testing is challenging lets see how to address them and for the following reasons :

Utilization of SOAP/REST-based Apps by Salesforce

HTTP requests are used to convey data between the client and the server, making Salesforce automated testing challenging. Salesforce has taken measures to simplify Salesforce automated testing by offering a feature called Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL). This enables testers to develop basic queries against their client or company. However, there are still certain restrictions that can hamper the process, such as the inability to execute SOQL searches on certain fields. This implies that if a Salesforce tester needs to query a single field, they must query all fields simultaneously, which is inefficient.

Complicated and Time-Consuming

It isn’t easy to automate the Salesforce testing, especially because of the nature of the Salesforce. Numerous things exist on the platform, which is continually evolving. In addition, its overall user interface is not designed for simple test automation. For instance, the location of fields might vary depending on how they are utilized. As a result, Salesforce automated testing is difficult and time-consuming.

Too Many Different Fields

Salesforce automated testing is challenging to compose as there are several fields and ways to interact with each item. It is quite simple to spend hours developing tests for a single item when the identical tests could have been created in minutes by hand. This makes Salesforce automated testing appear far less realistic than it actually is.

A Number of Integration Points

In addition, the sheer number of interaction points between other systems, such as email services and other databases, can make Salesforce automated testing challenging. Furthermore, due to Salesforce’s nature, its ongoing growth, and the fact that it is a cloud-based program, testers must test their code against several versions of the application. Salesforce automated testing requires the developers to invest a lot of effort in knowing the entire platform, not just its features. Additionally, developers must understand how the entire system works together. This often leads to more complications and difficulties for Salesforce developers. 

Tests are Not Reliable or Repeatable

For automation to occur, tests must be repeatable, but many Salesforce tests are not repeatable since they rely on change data collecting (CDC). Numerous tests are executed using a snapshot; thus, the data may be outdated when the tester receives the test results. The manner in which Salesforce automated testing is executed and the data utilized will differ from environment to environment, making it difficult for automated procedures to function efficiently.

Key Takeaway

Salesforce automated testing is difficult. However, OpKey can offer users the right means and solutions for their queries. Use the automation tool offered by OpKey for smooth and seamless results.