6 Best Casio Smartwatches for Outdoors

Updated on March 9, 2021 | by Austin

Casio Watches for Outdoor

Most timepieces in the market are made for luxury events and for dressing up. But when it comes to smartwatches that can withstand harsh environments and strenuous activities, a quality piece may be hard to find. Smartwatches are more than just a vanity accessory. Thanks to technology, there are several integrations and features that a smartwatch has that you will not get from any other accessory. As the years go by, newer and innovative smartwatches are always in the market. One brand that emerges from the pack is Casio. From pianos to calculators, Casio has also dominated the horology world. To be precise, Casio timepieces are one of the best companions when it comes to living an active lifestyle. More than that, Casio wrist watches are known to withstand harsh environments and the great outdoors. Here is a rundown of the best Casio pieces in the market and their prices.

Casio Pro Trek PRW-6600YB-3JF

Cost: $479.00

This ProTrek piece is a crowd favorite! It can display both digital and analog, with a tachymeter scale on the bezel. For maximum protection, both the case and bezel are made of resin and stainless steel. The timepiece has the following features: thermometer, world time, alarm, orientation measurement, barometric pressure, and altimeter. The compass digital is at the bottom part of the dial, which makes it more distinct. A subdial is also located on the top-left portion of the dial.

Casio Pro Trek PRW-6600Y-1JF

Cost: $429.00

This piece is the latest addition to the Pro Tek series, which is unique for having a Solar Multi-Band 6 feature. This piece can comfortably sit on your wrist with its stainless steel casing, dura-soft band, and inorganic glass making. It also features the Triple Sensors and Barometric features, which makes the watch invincible from harsh environments. A day and a date indicator are also on the dial.

Casio PRTB50-4

Cost: $220.00

Casio does not hold back when it comes to innovative designs. For this particular piece, Casio added the Bluetooth capability, which allows users to enable data communication using the PRO TEK connected app. Thanks to the Quad Sensor system, any user will be able to track altitude/barometer, temperature, steps count, and compass into a single compact configuration. You will also be able to see calorie calculations and calories burned which are recorded by the app. It also has the Trekking Log feature, which automatically records altitude data and route information. A Location Indicator feature is also in the app, which helps any user determine the relationship between two-point locations.

Casio PAG240T-7

Cost: $330.00

An upgrade of the PAG40, this particular piece has a titanium band and a neutral digital face. It also has the Tough Solar Power, Triple Sensor, and World Time (up to 48 cities) features. This means that the watch is powered by light energy. The altimeter feature has a measuring range of -700 to 10,000 meters, with auto memory measurements, altitude graph, differential, and setting.  

Casio PRW3500T-7

Cost: $500.00

The Triple Sensor Version 3 is the most advanced technology developed by Casio, which makes it possible to pack all sensors 95% smaller than the previous models. Despite being compact, accuracy and energy efficiency is highly improved. Real-time and accurate reading, with the Barometric Pressure Tendency Alarm, alerts whenever there are sudden changes in the pressure readings. This piece is the best choice, especially for wet environments and night activities. It has the Full Auto LED display illumination, and it is waterproof by 200 meters.

Casio PRTB70-2

Cost: $240.00

This water-resistant Bluetooth piece has all the best features designed for fishing. It has the A Fish In Time feature, which will show you the catch probability throughout the day. It also has the Fishing Timer, which will alert the user when a good catch period is about to come. Using the Pro Tek app, integrated into the watch, you will be able to have access to about 3,300 coastal points around the world, where you can see the tide graph, sunrise and sunset time, and moon age information. You can easily customize the information and configure the watch settings using the phone app. With the excellent features and functions it has; the price point is not even bad.

Pick the Brand That can Fit Your Lifestyle!

Any user of Casio can vouch for its features, precision, and durability. Living outdoor life means that you need to have several tools that can help you monitor your environments. Instead of bringing several tools, you can have them all on your wrist. For your convenience, you can cop a Casio smartwatch by checking out www.watchshopping.com. It is the best place to buy your luxury and authentic watches online. The website has superb customer service, ships anywhere in the world, and even offers discounts. Check it out now, and don’t miss out on the best deals!

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