Should You Build Your Own Dock?

Updated on November 25, 2020 | by Alex Smith

As we all know, docks range from very simple structure design that may only cost you a couple of thousand bucks to extremely complex designs which can cost several thousand. So it all depends on what type of shoreline you have, Lake Bottom lengths, and also the budget that you are ready to spend with to decide whether to build your own dock or go with professional help.

Be Honest About Your Handyman Skills

Before building a new dock, you need to take into consideration your situation and your skills. If you have the worthy skills, plenty of time, amenable shoreline, and water depth along with a DIY dock supplies kit which is a great budget-friendly option.

These DIY dock kits are really simple for you to assemble at the shoreline and it almost drops into the place. These DIY dock kits are becoming more popular nowadays. And people are also into DIY a lot these days.

But if you don’t have plenty of time or if you don’t have the required skills for building a dock then you need to hire a professional deck builder to do the work for you.

The cost of building the dock might be higher than buying the supplies and building it yourself. But you also have to consider that with the professional doing the work, your dock will be strong and secure as well as long-lasting.

Consider Lake Beds and Water Depths

You may have the background and skills to build your own dock but there are other limitations that may put the brakes on your home build project. The configuration of the lake’s bottom combined with the shoreline layout will dictate whether you need help with the design, layout, and installation of your dock on the lakeside.

The ideal lake bed for building a dock on the lakeside is flat and sandy. If the lake bed is rocky then the dock might be a little unreliable and will not last long.

You also need to measure the correct water depth with accuracy which is a tough task. But you have to keep in mind that many lakes are refilled from time to time and are drawn down.

Depending on the condition of the lake beds and water depth you need to decide if you want a stationary dock or floating dock.

Basic Dock Types

There are three basic types of docks:

1. Floating Docks:

This dock is anchored to the shoreline of the lake and the lake bottom and it is supported by the pontoons or floatation units. This dock is the most versatile type of dock because it is easy to buy, install, and configure. It will also rise and fall with the lake water levels.

2. Post Docks: These docks use stanchions or leg-supported assemblies, which are placed about every 10 feet along the dock to support it. These types of docks are very popular and they also offer stability and a sense of permanence that the floating docks don’t. They are easy to install and remove.

3. Crib Docks: These docks are typically designed and installed by professionals. Crib docks are the most permanent and expensive type of docks. The ‘crib’ part refers to the supporting structures which hold the dock to the lake bottom. Each ‘crib’ on the docks looks like a crate.

DIY-Friendly Dock Types

There are a lot of DIY kit dock suppliers out there from where you can buy your choice of DIY dock building kit. There are dozens of dock parts, kits, plans, accessories, and complete assemblies with the suppliers.

No matter where your cabin is located there is likely to be a dock supplier or manufacturer available in that area.

Materials and Construction

You need to have all the proper dock building materials whether you are doing it with a DIY kit or with the help of the professionals. Also, the better quality of supplies should be used for long-lasting and durable docks.

If you don’t have the skills to construct the dock then please hire a professional to do the work to have a secure and stable dock.

Design and Layout

The shoreline and lake bottom should be considered while thinking of a design and layout for the dock on the lakeside. You can have a simple or complex design and layout as you desire.

Also depending on the size, type as well as budget for the project. Before expansion you should also check with the local authorities before construction on all the existing regulations or else you might be exposed to fines or worse, they will tear down what you have built.

Weather Conditions

You need to consider all the weather conditions while building a lakeside dock. During the rainy season or winter season. Your dock type should also be based on the types of weather around the area over the years. Also if in the summer the dock will be stable or not. Also if the dock can endure all the seasons. On this basis, you can decide on stationary or floating docks.

So, these are some of the things which you should consider while building a dock on the lakeside. I hope this article has cleared your doubts about building your own dock or not. Thank you for reading!!!!