7 Fantastic Places to Sell Your Stuff Online

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best websites to sell your products

Those days are long gone when people used to pay a visit to a retail shop for purchasing clothes, items of jewelry, electronics, household appliances, groceries, and several other products. Over time, a radical shift of interest and intent towards e-commerce has come into being and fully evolved. And it’s the right time for sellers to set up an online marketplace and secure gainful results.

Here’s a virtual tour of the 7 best online marketplaces in India where you can sell your products with ease and efficacy.

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An all-encompassing selection of products such as fashion, beauty products, appliances, electronics, accessories, home and kitchen items, mobiles, tablets, can be sold in the huge traffic channel of Amazon that has a reach to nearly 184 million visitors. 76 percent of online users prefer Amazon as their ideal marketplace.

To become a seller on Amazon, you need to get going with a registration process that prompts you to create an account. The requirements of PAN card information, bank account details, GST details, business address, and the authorization to include private labels in the business are compulsory.

Sellers can put up all products for sale globally and earn profits. With more than one gateway such as Amazon Self-Ship, Amazon Prime, and more, the platform offers manifold shipping choices. Besides, constant technological innovations and excellent customer services have made this colossal marketplace the most preferred choice.

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Myntra is famous for fashion merchandise and accessories. The marketplace permits only business entities and not individuals to sell on its platform. The business model is designed to sell products related to fashion and lifestyle. Currently, the marketplace boasts of offering products belonging to more than 350 indigenous and international brands.

Even though Myntra was acquired by Flipkart in 2014 it continues its operations with consistent pace as a standalone entity under Flipkart proprietorship and has earned the extensive acceptance of buyers and sellers all through.

In Myntra, the seller has to go through a legal registration process before commencing business. After legal registration, you can begin selling after submitting details of your PAN card, bank account information, GST registration certificate along with GSTIN number.

Myntra is recognized as India’s biggest online fashion retailer. It comes up with plenty of opportunities to sell your products under a specific brand name. it 


Flipkart happens to be one more online retail marketplace to kickstart your business. The platform, like Amazon, began its operations by selling books. As one of the most prominent online retailers, Flipkart has assumed 32 percent of India’s market share. Over the years, the company has undergone massive evolution through the introduction of cash on delivery mode of payment, the launch of its mobile app, and the acquisition of Myntra and Jabong– all of which facilitated an overarching expansion of its delivery network. The company has observed rapid growth and accomplished the highest echelons of success.

In Flipkart, you can sell a broad-based selection of products like general merchandise including fashion, beauty, home and kitchen, electronics, household appliances, mobiles, tablets, etc.

To be eligible for selling on Flipkart, you need to do registration through the submission of details such as personal PAN card information with “proprietorship” as business type, business PAN card details with “company” as business type, bank account information, and no more than one genuine product ready to be sold.

Flipkart has rendered the facility of free registrations. Additional deductions, based entirely on the type of products you sell, vary from 5 to 25 percent.


In essence, Paytm is an e-commerce based payment-oriented technological company that, for the first time, brought forth the trailblazing idea of a mobile wallet. Over time, the company has graduated into a fully functional website and come up with wide-ranging goods and services. The mobile app is available in 11 different languages. It’s a B2C e-commerce platform that currently hosts 1.4 lakh registered sellers and has 17 fulfillment centers spread all through the country.

Just like Amazon and Flipkart, Paytm is currently selling a broad-based variety of products such as fashion, beauty products, appliances, electronics, accessories, home and kitchen items, mobiles, tablets, etc.  The app or the website is fast and thoroughly secure. It has managed to keep up a good reputation especially for financial transactions. Even the cashback feature put forward by the company has gained considerable popularity.

For registering to Paytm, your contact details, business name, PAN card information, bank account details, and one genuine product to sell are mandatory requirements.


Snapdeal was integrated with the beginning as a platform that would support and promote daily deals. With time, it has seen a huge expansion into an all-inclusive marketplace. Snapdeal is a party to have managed the acquisition of 10 business enterprises. In the current situation, Snapdeal is home to thousands of sellers that offer products and services across 3000 cities in the country. Through Snapdeal, you can engage in selling products like general merchandise including fashion, beauty, home and kitchen, electronics, household appliances, mobiles, tablets, etc.

For selling in Snapdeal, you should’ve got an authorization of being a seller of a genuine product, PAN card information, and bank account details. It offers you free registration and commission fees can be anything between 0 and 26 percent depending on the product you sell.


This customer-friendly and easily manageable app allow small business owners and physical stores to upgrade their sales to an online platform utilizing communication through social media channels. In keeping with the unique needs of native customers, the company developed and later came to be identified as the first indigenous startup to have clinched Facebook’s validation and investment. Meesho specializes in selling fashion, lifestyle, and handicraft products.

Meesho supports a single-step free registration process where you need to submit details of company type, PAN and Aadhaar card details, and GSTN. The commission fee is based on how actively you sell your products.

Apni Dukan Online

It’s an all-purpose store where customers can get a feeling of being in a second home. The platform of Apni Dukan online is created especially for small to medium scale retailers to gain customers and make them offer stiff competition to multinational giants.

Through apni dukan online, a genuine, prospective seller is empowered to sell kitchen appliances, kitchen cookware, and large and small home appliances of all mainstream brands and relatively lesser-known ones. The marketplace is committed to bringing in maximum customer satisfaction through the sale of best-in-class products and services in terms of quality, finish, durability, affordability, and after-sales service.

Apni Dukan online is recognized as an absolute Indian e-commerce company with a projected turnover of 2000 crores. It aims at partnering with several thousand small-time retailers in the next couple of years.

Final say

When you sell your products via online marketplaces, you can gain access to customers all across the country. In case you’re a newbie to the e-commerce industry and have no budget for investing resources in a website, an online marketplace is a perfect destination to sell your stuff. Also, for small businesses, any reputed attendance management app, payment management, and salary slip app will come in handy for owners to keep track of employees and partners. Therefore, the key things you may need are a bank account, the details of a registered company, and a tax number. Payments and logistics – two major hurdles in e-commerce business are usually handled by these platforms.

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