7 Best Office Tables for your Workspace at Home For 2023

Updated on January 11, 2023 | by Austin

7 Best Office Tables

The pandemic has led people to shift to a work-from-home arrangement, and the majority set-up their workspace at home. People can now customize or personalize their workspace according to their personality and lifestyle, unlike the typical office where you need to follow the brand and use the existing office furniture.

You should also consider the space you have at home before deciding on a specific piece of furniture because it may cause you to eat up a lot of space and have no room for other stuff. Also, set the mood you want for your home office set-up. You may also opt for a minimalist or boho looking home office.

1. CubiCubi Computer Table

If you want a minimalist or contemporary workspace, these office tables from CubiCubi are ideal. It features a black wood that is sturdy and lightweight. The base of this table is made from metal that adds up to its sturdy built. The size will provide you a huge space for your computer or laptop and other office supplies.

If you want to achieve minimalist goals, this table will surely meet your requirement. It provides you with extra storage for other supplies using the bag and iron hook on the side of this table. This table is not the typical type of table we usually see in offices, and this has a simple yet elegant look that everyone will surely love.

2. Foxemart Computer Table

This table can also be used for various functions aside from a computer table. The sleek design of this table will catch everyone’s attention. It features adjustable legs and is made from steel to ensure the durability of the table. This has a triangular junction so that you can use it on uneven surfaces.

The material is made from an MDF desktop that is water-resistant and prevents it from scratch. You can also install this without any hassle by just merely putting its struts and legs. It will be completed at around less than fifteen minutes, and your table is up and ready to use. The table design is what’s popular now and will surely exceed your expectations.

3. Mr Ironstone L-Shape Computer Table

If you’re a couple who both work from home, this L-Shape computer table is ideal for use and will save space. This is best for co-working space, or if you use this for one person, you can use a dual-screen for added convenience while working. If you have a small working space, this one is perfect for you.

This table is made from MDF Board and metal that will indeed be used for a long time. The steel bar is sturdy and will allow heavy objects to be on your desktop. The vintage brown color and black frame will make your workspace look elegant and classic. This will also make your space have a natural vibe.

4. Sauder Costa L-Shape Table

This chestnut-colored L-shape table from Sauder will surely match your boho looking workspace at home. It is made from wood, and no metal material is available for this design. If you’re a fan of wood furniture, then this table is ideal for you. Just put some plants and burlap clothes on; it will make your space have a boho vibe.

Not just that it saves space, it will also keep your time from moving from one place to another. You can use this table to put all necessary supplies within reach and not hamper your everyday task.

5. Nathan James Leighton Oval Table

The gold and white color combination of this table add to its classic and elegant look. You can use this for your study session or while reading your favorite book. You can still organize your files with this table as it has a cabinet underneath it. It also features an adjustable foot for scratch prevention.

This will go perfectly with a low back chair design. You can put your favorite book on top of it. The method of this table will add an accent to your bedroom space. Having it placed in your spacious bedroom will make your room look cozier, especially if you also put a carpet on the floors.

6. CDTO Modern Nordic Computer Table

Well, who’s not a fan of Nordic furniture? It’s just so elegant to look at and will make your space look superb. This table will be suitable and ideal for those who love black colors. The black desktop made from pinewood material matches its gold-tone frame. This brand also uses eco-friendly paint for its furniture.

The metal frame features anti-rust and scratch-resistant and makes this table more durable and can be used for a long time. Using this table will make you think like you’re at your own pace and will not distract you from the outside world’s disturbances. You can also put your favorite lamp or plants on top.

7. NSdirect Large Computer Table

If you have a bigger space, this table is ideal for you. It features a simple yet classic look and is built for more prolonged use. You may use this even on heavy office supplies up to 1,000 pounds. You can finish installing this table in just 5 to 10 minutes. You can make use of a spanner when installing this table.

The furniture finish is made from oak and has white color on its frame. This will surely match your brown leather office chair. Thus, creating your workspace has a chic and shabby feel. You may also opt for neutral-colored office supplies to match the overall look of your space.


Who does not love furniture, right? This pandemic has taught us to be creative even if we’re at home, and it also makes office furniture popular and salable for the year 2021. Students also need a desk table when studying and thus need ample selections of tables to meet their requirements.

There are many office tables in the market today; make sure to choose the brand that has guaranteed quality and offers a warranty if the furniture is defective. As a buyer, you should also strictly research the after-sales service of a particular brand and look for reviews for previous buyers.

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