5 Serious Business Benefits of an OCR Reader

Updated on March 9, 2021 | by Austin

Benefits of OCR Reader

If you are in a business that uses a lot of physical documents, you know how much time and effort it takes. And accessing this information is equally arduous and time-consuming. 

Fortunately, optical character recognition (OCR) technology can address these challenges. It converts handwritten or printed text into an editable digital format. 

OCR reader technology can transform how your business functions. Keep reading to find out the many advantages it can afford. 

OCR Reader Basics

The earliest known form of OCR dates back to 1914 when the German physicists Emanual Godlberg invented a machine that could convert basic characters into standard telegraph code. Since that time, the need to easily transmit text into a usable format in machines has increased, and so has the technology to do so.

Computer scanners were a big step in the right direction, but they still limit what you can do with the electronic document. For instance, you can quickly scan a stack of documents into a single PDF file, but cannot edit it. 

Even until recently, OCR readers only recognized clearly delineated words. But now the technology can identify various symbols, images, and unclear text. This has led to great strides in the usage of these programs. Google Street View, Google Translate, and Dropbox, and many other applications rely on it.

Digitizing Documents with an OCR Reader

OCR technology can provide greater efficiency in sorting, archiving, and searching for digitized documents. These applications can read hundreds of languages.

There are many advantages to this. Here are a few.

1. Efficiency

Digitizing can save your business lots of time. For instance, you could use it to scan input information from participants at a conference and avoid having to do so manually. 

For instance, there’s no concern with clients submitting documents in different formats. OCR technology can capture and format each of them into a single, uniform document or documents.

It’s an extensive process to find a single document in a stack of similar documents. But, once digitized, sorting and utilizing documents for specific purposes becomes much easier and less time-consuming. 

2. Cost

And, of course, time is money. Making your business more efficient increases productivity and allows you do to more. 

But physical documents are susceptible to fire or water damage, and simply degrade over time. So, having an electronic copy can be a huge safeguard against document loss.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Having a uniform structure also translates to less stress and greater satisfaction among employees and clients who may be accessing your database. It makes information easier to look at and make sense of. And such uniformity can mean more clients. 

4. Digital to Digital 

OCR technology can be useful in converting basic digital files to more usable ones. For instance, an OCR reader can convert paper documents, PDFs, or image files to editable and searchable ones. 

OCR technology allows you to capture difficult-to-decipher text with great precision. This can be important if you plan to use the data in the documents for coding purposes. OCR software development kits (SDK) are available for a wide variety of platforms, including HTML/JavaScript, Microsoft Office, iOS, Linux, .NET languages. 

It’s available for object-oriented programming languages like C#. You can convert a basic document into a searchable and editable C# OCR PDF

5. Space

If you have lots of documents that can be eliminated once digitized, OCR reader technology can save you a lot of space. Many businesses, like law firms or museums, must retain physical copies. But for those that only need the information, regardless of the formate, digitizing can help clean out a file storage building.

Find an OCR Reader That Is Right for You

Now that you have an idea of the many advantages an OCR reader can provide your business, you can find a product that meets your needs.

We hope this information on the benefits of an OCR reader was helpful to you. Take a look at some of our other technology posts on everything from gaming to online communication, social media, software, and computer hardware. 

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