How Event Technology Enhances Communication In Events?

Updated on October 18, 2021 | by Austin

Benefits of Event Technology

Planning and executing large-scale events often require a significant amount of money, time, and energy. After pooling in substantial resources for organizing live events, you would expect it to be a huge success. By implementing technical assistance in live events, you will be able to enhance its potential and attract huge crowds. The events industry has witnessed immense progress in the technology used to connect people. Ensure better communication with your audience with the technical aid offered by live hub events. Improve your event’s attendee experience using the following event technology:

1. Utilize Smartphone Applications

Since everyone now carries a smartphone with them, you can use this mobile proliferation to improve your connection with the crowd.  Design your event website in a mobile-friendly layout to make it easily accessible to your audience through any device. Use event apps to help attendees locate the event venue, get information about speakers and the event’s activities. Specific event applications help the organizers to keep track of the attendees’ passcodes and scan them at the entry. You can also use these apps to notify attendees about the updates regarding the event’s schedules. 

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2. Reap The Benefits Of Social Media

Social media offers public platforms to promote your events effectively. A significant online presence will publicize your events and create awareness among the target audience. Trends like hashtags will enable you to promote your events on apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can easily circulate posters, pictures, and critical information regarding the events by posting about them on social media walls. Such practices will build anticipation and excitement amongst users and serve your purpose of publishing your events’ contents. Posting videos and pictures of the previous events you organized can also attract the crowd.

3. Create An Impactful Virtual Reality Experience

Various applications like Google Earth indicate the popularity of virtual and augmented reality among users. VR can turn the meeting or the event into an interactive session by employing features like virtual leader boards. Using virtual exhibition halls and holograms improves the attendee experience by making the discussions interesting and fun. There are several innovative ways to utilize virtual reality in live events and create an atmosphere of awe and delight. With technology like Samsung Gear VR and Oculus rift S lenses, you can easily improvise new options to make your event a success using virtual reality.

4. Know Your Attendees With Lead Capture

There could be crowds of valuable leads visiting your corporate events, and it is practically impossible for you to remember their details. Specialized applications such as iPads kiosks offer digital registration, i-card scans, and lead capture.  This practice will help you save the attendees’ information on the spot and store them for future marketing purposes. Digital lead capture saves the time you would have to spend on manual registration. The aim is to make your event as audience-friendly as possible, and lead capture is useful for data integration.

5. Conduct Digital Surveys And Polls

Every audience at a corporate event would like to engage in active participation in the key presentations, but the question is, how? Everyone in the audience has an opinion of their own which they can express through surveys and polls. By conducting real-time online polls regarding the event’s activities and Q&A sessions, you will get valuable feedback from the attendees.  You could also conduct surveys after the event to get an idea of your audience’s information. Your team can later email the answers to the attendees as a marketing strategy

6. Use Innovative Lighting Strategies 

By setting up creative lighting schemes and patterns, you can create a lively ambiance for your event. You can customize the brightness and colors according to the kind of event you are organizing. Other crucial uses of lighting include welcoming the invitees, speakers, and participants. Strategic lighting can help you attract the audience’s attention to the ongoing presentations. Proper lighting arrangements can not only help the attendees focus better but also create a good mood. Lighting is one of the oldest and crucial technologies that plays a critical role in maximizing your event’s potential.

Choose Live Events For Better Interaction With The Audience

Despite the growing popularity of online events, we must remember that live events encourage a much-needed personal human interaction. Incorporating new-age technology in these live events will attract more audience and thereby increase the company’s marketability. Several event management companies offer an all-in-one technical solution for your events.  Contact Live Hub Events to make your events socially attractive and thereby maximize your firm’s potentials.

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