10 Trendy Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Updated On September 9, 2021 | by Alex Smith

Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Choosing baby names for boys and girls could be an intimidating job for you. After all, picking a trendy yet dulcet baby name is one of the most significant decisions ever made by a parent-to-be. 

Are you worried about picking the best name for your baby? 

We understand your concern as your soon-to-arrive baby needs an awe-inspiring name, and so may random suggestions just leave you perplexed. As they gradually grow older, they might ask you why you have given him/her such a name. 

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10 Best Names for Your Boy or Girl Child

Without wasting any time, let’s get straight into our list of top 10 baby names for boys and girls


The name ‘Amara’ has a Latin origin, which means ‘bitter or grace.’ ‘Amara’ is also an Italian word for bitter, which possesses a similar root as Miriam or Mary. In West Africa too, it is a unique name that indicates ‘grace.’ These are the well-known meanings of the name.

This name also has a Sanskrit root, which means ‘immortal.’

Use it for your baby girl and she will thank you later!

You can use it for your baby boy too, by removing the ‘a’ in the end (‘Amar’).

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Your pure epitome of love is undoubtedly brightest and beautiful. Therefore, you must choose ‘Alina’ as baby names for girls. With the Slavic origin in mind, it is one of the scores of universal variations on the traditional Helen. 

However, such a pretty name might be a long term for your munchkin, but you may call her Lina or Lena. ‘Alina’ is generally used in Russia and Poland, and you might hear this name in the German or Celtic traditions also. 


Your baby girl smile should be the most cheerful one! Hence, you may consider naming her ‘Allen,’ as it means bubbly or joyous. The name has arrived from Celtic culture, which can also be pronounced as ‘Allan’ or ‘Alan.’ Do you love to call her ‘Al’ as a nickname? She will obviously love this cheerful name given by her parents! Therefore, it would be the best baby names for girls. 


Are you blessed with a beautiful baby girl? Not sure what to opt for her naming? ‘Bella’ would be the prettiest name for your little one! It means lovely and came from the diminutive of Isabella, which was mainly an Italian name. 

Although it has derived from ‘Elizabeth,’ which means ‘God is my vow.’ That is why ‘Bella’ is associated with the word ‘beautiful’ in diverse languages, such as Italian, Spanish, Greek, Latin, and Portuguese. 


Does the name ‘Belinda’ soothes your mind? Obviously, it will be as it means ‘pretty one or serpent.’ Such a cute baby name for girls mainly originated from German or Spanish. Most people consider this name an advanced spin on the midcentury admiration queen, Linda, which is conventional with fascinating and profound backgrounds. 

According to Babylonian mythology, ‘Belinda’ was a beautiful goddess of earth and heaven. Therefore, embrace this name for your little one, and she will be happy to know her inner worth! 


The name ‘Addison’ is one of the trendiest baby names for boys and girls, which means the child of Adam. However, it is quite a superior name that goes well for boys, but it started getting attraction as a girl name from the middle of the 1990s. You may think of American actress Addison Riecke and professional baseball player Addison Scott before naming her. 


‘Charlie’ is a unisex name that got recent popularity nowadays! Such a mighty name means ‘a free man’ or ‘strong,’ so it is also one of the top-notch baby names for boys and girls. You may call her ‘Charlee,’ ‘Charley,’ ‘Chatty,’ or ‘Sharlie.’ 

The popular namesakes of ‘Charlie’ are the Charlie Chaplin and American journalist Charlie Rose. It will sound cool when you call your baby by this name! 


‘Dakota’ is one of the popular baby names for boys and girls, which originated in the USA, means ‘allies’ or ‘friendly.’ Such a trendy and pretty name received its peak for boys in 1995, and it was a famous boy name. 

But nowadays, it has become the best choice for girls after 2006. You must have heard of leading American singer Dakota Bradley and son of the actress Dakota Paul Brinkman. Do you know the fun fact of this name? 

It is the best name of a Native American tribe, two central states in the USA, north and south Dakota, and a language. Therefore, naming her baby after ‘Dakota’ will fetch more happiness and pleasure to your baby. 


The name ‘Henrick’ has a beautiful and robust mix up of culture. However, the origin is still unknown, and it is considered the most dulcet baby name for boys as it means ‘powerful ruler.’ You must want your baby boy to have a stable trait to showcase his positivity. 

Therefore, you must name her ‘Henrick’ to make everyone amazed! The name may sound pretty different and will surely catch everyone’s attention. 


‘Jordan’ is the cutest baby’s name for boys and girls, and it’s obvious your baby boy or girl will love it! Topping the list of top 1000 names for boys for more than 100 years, it has been gradually becoming the trendiest name for baby girls too after 1978. 

Well, the name ‘Jordan’ means descending or flowing down. You may call your munchkin ‘Jordan,’ ‘Jordie,’ ‘Jori,’ ‘Jordena,’ or ‘Jordanio.’ 

Concluding words

You must have a longing for a baby boy or girl who is courageous, dynamic, and sweet also. Baby boys and girls are both the embodiment of love and cuteness.

Don’t get stuck while thinking of the names of your little munchkin. With these beautiful top 10 baby names for boys and girls, you can gift the most relishing and awesome name to your babies. Or, you may visit CocoFinder right now, where we have rounded up the top 10 list and their precise meanings.