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Bypassing Catering Industry: A Job for a Philology Student

Updated on May 9, 2022 | by Zayn Tindall


Philology is typically picked because it appeals to one’s heart, but you now have a diploma and no idea how to put it to use. Graduates of philology are frequently expected to work in fast food rather than with texts, however, this is not always the case. In this post, together with the writing expert, who provides a “pay for essay writing” service, we’ve compiled a list of interesting and prospective work opportunities for philologists, some of which can be combined with academic study.

1. Tutoring and Teaching

A classic and perhaps one of the most popular options for young professionals. The first students are the easiest to find among schoolchildren who need some help with a subject. Looking for them is convenient through city groups on social networks and acquaintances. Another method that still works great is to place ads for your services on porches near schools. Parents often prefer to contact students, because they are usually more mobile and their services are cheaper.

2. Localization of Texts

Translations are needed everywhere, from coffee machine manuals to official documents and business letters. To improve your skills, practice the systems of collective translation.

Localization of all kinds of technical documentation by live translators is always relevant because machine translation often makes mistakes. You can work for yourself or get hired by an agency. In the second case, you will most likely be paid a percentage of the profits.

Translation of fiction, comics, and computer games is also in demand.

3. Excursions for Foreigners

This job is suitable for those who like to communicate with people. If you want to try yourself as a guide, then first print out your business cards, distribute them to the administrators of large hotels in your city and ask them to show them to visitors. Someone will agree to do it for free, someone – for a percentage of customers. You can also offer your services as a guide-interpreter in museums and galleries.

Another option is to participate as an interpreter in volunteer projects. First, such experience is a great addition to your resume. Secondly, volunteering helps you make a lot of useful acquaintances.

4. Copywriting

This is a job for real pen sharks. Everyone needs text. Bloggers, psychologists, coaches, and restaurant owners turn to the services of a copywriter – the list is endless. You can write articles for the website, social networks, landing pages, newsletters, guides, texts for advertising layouts, scripts, and so on. Place your resume on popular job search services or send it personally to potential clients with whom you would like to cooperate.

5. Essay Writer

A great option for students who have a talent for writing. The services of an essay writer will always be in demand not only among students but also among schoolchildren. You can work as a freelancer and look for clients yourself, or you can get a job with a company like Writemypapers4me that provides “write my papers” and homework services.

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6. Editing and Proofreading

An option for those who prefer not to write, but to edit. Your main advantage when applying for a job is high literacy. In addition, you are literally trained to see mistakes in the text, not only spelling but also stylistic. An alternative option is to become a supervisor for online courses, for example, on the same copywriting or related specialties.

7. Journalism

Many graduates of the philological faculty go into journalism, which is understandable given how important textual expertise is in the media. You can work for a magazine as a correspondent, writer, or columnist. However, bear in mind that you will be required to constantly monitor the news, conduct interviews, and be immersed in the events. Try your hand at the media industry if this does not worry you or, on the contrary, encourages you.

8. Recording Audiobooks

Unexpected, isn’t it? But quite realistic. If you are the lucky owner of a pleasant voice and excellent diction, you can try your hand at book dubbing. Contact publishers or localization companies directly. 

9. Stand Up

If you have a clear talent for pulling off one joke after another, why not go stand up. Practice with open mics. And if you think that you do not have sufficient acting skills or are embarrassed to speak in public, then write sketches to order.

As you can see, philological faculty graduates are required not only in school. Don’t limit yourself to stereotypes, and don’t think that catering is your only option. Look for opportunities, try new things, and keep practicing and learning until you discover a job you enjoy.

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