8 Different Types Of Websites- Things to Follow While Designing Them

Updated on March 9, 2021 | by Kamal

different types of websites

In this era of technology, the internet has changed the dynamics of businesses. 4.66 billion people in the world browse through sites on the internet. Companies must create an online presence to expand their client base. Whether you are a site designer or an entrepreneur, you need to be familiar with different websites to know what suits you best. Web design directly affects how people view your services. Therefore, a site needs to be brand-specific and visually appealing. With so many options out there, you must choose the right one. So, here’s a list of different types of websites and how to design them:

  1. E-Commerce Website

It is like an online store where a customer can buy products and services from your company. An intuitive site makes browsing through products and applying filters hassle-free. For designing, you need to take care of a few things. A typical e-commerce website consists of general and contact information, customer reviews, FAQs, and store policies. Make sure it follows the brand identity. You should adopt visual hierarchy, avoid popups, and use a secure server.

  1. Blog

Initially, blogs only featured personal ideas. Now, even companies have started to maintain a blog page. It can talk about anything. Blogging is an effective way to make money online. A simple design and contrasting colors are important elements of a blog. But don’t overstuff it with too many colors. The design should be goal-specific. Include an appropriate structure with sidebars, head bars, search bars, subscriptions, and author attribution. 

  1. Landing Page

It is a single page that drives visitors to your website through online campaigns. A robust landing page grabs attention immediately and significantly increases conversions on your website. A compelling call-to-action and a lead generation form are the key elements providing a unique value proposition. Follow a minimalist design and use attractive imagery. As customer testimonials are a trust-symbol, including them on your website is a good idea.

  1. Entertainment Website

Browsing through entertainment websites is one activity that has made surviving in the COVID-19 pandemic a lot easier. The content of such websites is related to current affairs, breaking news, or informative articles. These constitute a large amount of the time people spend on the internet. Therefore, a stylish and interesting design is necessary. Such sites require adding a framework that can handle a content-dense nature. SEO content is something web design of this website must entail.

  1. Portfolio Website

A portfolio is an ideal way to showcase your work. It is a collection of projects that are highly suited for artists to demonstrate their skills to employers. A well-designed portfolio improves your chances of securing a job. As it is a creative website, a graphic portfolio is more helpful to hold people’s attention. Including case studies also helps as it depicts versatility. Designing the website in a way that describes the creative process can express your uniqueness.

  1. Brochure

You can think of a brochure as a mini version of a business website. If you own a small business, the website will help you advertise your services and display contact information. The purpose of this site is to have an online presence. Define your ideal customer and develop an effective message through great web design. Use a color scheme that compliments your brand identity.

  1. Social Media Website

What would be life like if there weren’t any social media sites? You can find all kinds of  audiences here. Therefore, go for a trendy and consistent design for all the web pages. Use a color scheme that compliments the logo. Appealing visuals are a major factor that drives user traffic to social media websites. Focus on content with a higher possibility of being shared like memes, entertaining videos, and shopping services. 

  1. Contact Page

A contact page is where web users connect with the company. It is problematic if this page fails to generate a lead. To create an effective contact site, limit the number of information you ask from the user. Don’t forget to add branding and social media links. Designing a great land page requires you to have a deep understanding of the brand and what potential customers need.

What To Do Next?

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