6 Tips on How to Make Your Garage Spick-and-Span

Updated on May 31, 2022 | by admin

tips to make your garage spick and span

The garage is the one place where you can stockpile most of your equipment and tools that are rarely used. Most of the time, it is quite convenient but when forgotten is a total mess and a lot of a recipe for disaster. Thus, it is essential to maintain the orderliness and cleanliness in your garage, not just in the garage but also in every part of your house.

With that in mind, this article will give you insights and tips on how to deal with unusually cluttered garbage and how to make things for your convenience. The thing is, these tips are not only applicable to garage organization but also your room tidiness. So, buckle up and get your cleaning tools because these webs and dust are long overdue.

1. Repurpose the Old Cabinets

Sometimes you have a lot of cabinets that may not be utilized to the fullest, or their usage is not fully realized. The thing about cabinets is that it has tons of purposes that will make your eyes all mushy and googly. First on the list of garage organization ideas is that if you have cabinets that are just gathering dust and building up cobwebs, you might want to pull that up.

Cabinets are one of the most advantageous and timely pieces of furniture to store essential items. With just a coat of fresh paint in your old and rugged cabinet, you can breathe in a new life into it and sport a new look. Not only do you save space but also recycled things that are deemed as a discarded scrap.

2. Slim and Slick Aesthetic

Not that we are on the topic, and the realm of mighty cabinets might as well dig deep beyond the shallows or cut through the bone in extending our organization knowledge. By using slim and slick pull out shelves, this could save tons and tons of space in your house and in that notion in your garage when utilized. 

Not just it saves a lot of space but the fact that using a slim and slick designed shelve is much more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Not just that but also cheaper. You can also have custom-made cabinets that will perfectly fit your garage. So, what are you waiting for? Planned out that slim and slick cabinet extravaganza. 

3. Small Bin Equals Small Items

One of the keys to the organization is not just to group small items but also to store them in small bins. In that way, it will save you space. You can never go wrong and go out of style with storing small items into small containers. In that way, it is more creative and more thus removes and disperse all the unnecessary clutter of little things in your garage. 

Things like rubber bands or stuff like paint brushes are great to be stored and organized into small bins. I mean, what could be more shocking and stunning than having all tiny materials and tiny tools into small organizers. You can also stack up your bins, which makes everything convenient and practical not just for you but for everyone. 

4. Baskets For Everything

What are the things you usually see in houses to make them orderly and clean? Well, you notice that a basket is one of the most common and the easiest things that you can count on or pin your hopes on when it comes to organizing stuff because of not just that, but it is very serviceable but also accessible to all. You can find baskets hanging in your bathroom, room, and even in your bedroom. 

In bathrooms, baskets are utilized by putting soaps and shampoos on them, as well as in living rooms, baskets are used to store children’s toys, or baskets are a tool to keep your laundry. Baskets are very versatile materials. All the items will be perfectly visible, which just makes it more ideal for storing items.

5. The Power of Hooks

And could it be a perfect pair for baskets? Well, folks, here are the hooks. Actually, hooks can stand on their own, with their presence in your garage guarantee that it will change your life. By having hooks, you can hang your brooms and even your bikes. 

Let me tell you more; you can also have it attached to your cabinet, and in that way, you can hang more stuff on it may it be cleaning cloths or anything in between. Hooks can be pretty small, but sure can change the appearance, look, and the whole aesthetic of your garage. With the power of hooks, your world will be spotless and immaculate.

6. Tool Tower

You may think that hanging your tools allows you to save space, yes that may be true, but the thing is, it is not practical. If you are not that fan of Do-It-Yourself shenanigans, you have a tool tower, it can suck up some space on your floor, but it makes the tools accessible and look organized. 


With all these tips and techniques, you can assure that your cluttered and messy garage will be transformed and morphed into something structured, well-kept, methodical, neat, and tidy. A bit of hard work, patience, and perseverance to make it work will make everything possible.

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