10 Holiday Heating Tips to Keep your Home Cozy

Updated on May 31, 2022 | by Alex Smith

10 Holiday Heating Tips

The holiday period comes with festivities and gatherings of family members. But while it may all be the time for a galore, it can turn otherwise by some mistakes. Some guests become uncomfortable due to too much heat and some keep on complaining of being cold. It will be frustrating. 

Below are 10-holiday heating tips you will need to follow to ensure your friends and family members enjoy their holiday with you. 

1. Inspect Your HVAC System

Have your HVAC system inspected beforehand by a professional. This will ensure your heating system is in a good state before and after the holiday period. The system might be working well now but having it properly checked will prevent future mishaps that may arise due to large gatherings of people and too much cooking. By the way, see here for heat pump repair by Green Street HVAC.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat installed in your home ensures an automatic switch from cooling to heating and vice versa when the heat generated by the gathering is enough. Also when doing much cooking which nonetheless will warm your home. The thermostat will switch back to cooling mode to avoid everyone to become increasingly uncomfortable due to too much heat. 

3. Install a whole-home Humidifier

 The work of a humidifier is to clear dry air and reduce static electricity. This will help retain heat, and ensure your guests are comfortable. 

4. Use Your Ceiling Fan 

Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch that makes the blade run in the opposite direction. Thus pushing back the escaping warm air back down. It will also help in the proper circulation of air and ensure every part of your home is warm. 

5. Latch And Seal Your Windows

 Close all your windows. Properly latch and seal all open space thereon. This will retain the warm air from escaping and also ensure your guest does not go cracking a pane when you aren’t looking. Open your blind instead in the day to allow in sunlight which will increase the heat generated from your HVAC. While you close your blind at night to contain in the warmth. 

6. Clear Your Fireplace of Flammables

 So far you are going to start using your furnace regularly, it is expected of you not to leave any room for a fire hazard. Most of your guests will feel more comfortable in front of a fireplace and as such, you wouldn’t want any harm befalling them. 

7. Add Extra Blankets To Your Sofas and Guest Rooms

This will ensure that your guests and family members will be kept warm by making extra layers of clothing easily accessible to them. Erasing the need to always cranking up the heat from the thermostat. 

8. Prepare Well 

Make enough preparation ahead before the arrival of your first guest. Do the necessary cooking before your home becomes full. This will ensure you do not unnecessarily heat the house. The more guests you receive the greater the heat their body generates. 

9. Check Your Ductwork  

Ensure your ductwork is checked, clean, and properly working. While the air filter is clear of dust and debris. As both may obstruct the even flow of heat around your home. Endeavor to change the furnace filter at least once a month during the holiday time to improve the air quality. 

10. Use Space Heater

Consider using a space heater if some parts of your house tend to be cooler than the rest. Using a space heater will help even out the temperature in your home and make your guest comfortable in any part of the house they may so wish to stay in without the risks of going cold.

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