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Feeling low? Let’s play a few LO-FI beats for you to get you sorted. Such is the impact of music on people’s lives. Music is one of the best things that ever happened to mankind in the modern era. 

The melody makes a heart melt irrespective of whether we are talking about a toddler or a 60-year-old individual who is nearing his or her end.

Music is of great use to the people. Not only does it calm you down in times of desperate need, but it is also a great source of entertainment. 

While the majority of the people love their music on the way whereas others like to enjoy tracks in sheer solidarity. Either way, there are tons of websites on the internet that can hook you up with the music of your choice.

The article will shed light on how to download songs and music from the internet for free. You can also opt for the streaming option in case you want to do that. We will be talking about both the music websites and the websites that offer music torrents.

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Make note of the fact that some of these websites are not free and you may need to pay a certain sum to avail the services that they offer. Of course, some of them are free and most of the torrents websites are free too but they are not exactly legal.

Disclaimer- The information given in this blog is for the sole purpose of educating the audience about the different ways in which they can download music. We do not, in any way promote or encourage the use of such websites and advise you to steer clear from such websites that can land you in trouble.

Without any further delay, let us take a better look at the music websites first.

10 Best Websites To Download Music For Free

1. SoundCloud

Link of the website-

This website is known by many as one of the best and the most popular music streaming websites where you can stream unlimited songs and download them for free. This website is also viewed as the best alternative to Spotify which lets you get your hands without having to pay anything.

The website even has an app so the users can download music for free from there too. All of the content uploaded on this website is done by independent artists and famous musicians. The website has a great interface that allows you to search for songs using bands or artists’ tags with relative ease. 

SoundCloud even has a relatively small but great collection of remix Hindi songs that can be downloaded for free. 

How Can You Download Songs on Soundcloud for Free?

Most of the tracks that you listen to on this website are not free to download. Some of those songs even need you to like a certain Facebook page for you to obtain the track. Although, the ones that are available for download can be saved for offline use simply by clicking on the free download button that is just below the track itself.

2. ReverbNation

Link of this website-

This website has played a substantial role in the rise of many popular bands like Imagine Dragons, The Civil Wars, and the Alabama Shakes. This website helped them to get recognition and fame as they used to post their music for free on this website in the early stages of their career.

It is often referred to as the best website to download online music for free in 2021 as the website has a wide range of genres that include hip-hop, pop, alternative, and many others. The website has around more than 4 million artists, labels, and users.

It has one of the best user interfaces that offer a great overall experience to the user. The website even has a discovery section for the users who like to discover new music. This section has a large collection of good music that you can download and listen to.

Many even consider this as one of the best sites to download MP3s music for free

How Can You Download Songs on ReverbNation for Free?

Firstly, you will need to visit the search page of Reverb Nation if you want to download free songs. From there, you will need to check the box that says “free MP3s required” and then click on the “refine results” that is on the left-hand side of your screen.

Note: you need to make sure of the fact to select the type as an artist otherwise the free MP3s option will not appear.

3. Jamendo 

Link of this website-

The content available on this website of Jamendo Music is protected by Creative Common License. This assures that the music offered on this website is safe to download and listen to. One of the major drawbacks of this website is that the content available on this website is independent music, so you will either have to pay for it or you can look for other options in case you are looking for mainstream tracks.

In a nutshell, this website is best for the people who are looking to explore a bit as the website has great radio stations and well-maintained playlists that are updated regularly. In case you want to get licensed music for a video, film, or commercial, you can get it from here as the website also has a great collection that is available at a reasonable price.

4. Soundclick

Link of this website-

This amazing website allows users to download music directly from the artist’s profiles. Tons of artists are available on this platform who are offering their music for free in 2021. The website even has a great collection of licensed songs that you can listen to or download legally.

The website is a paradise for people who love to explore as there is a huge collection of songs that one can access by specifying the genres and the kind of beat and instrument that he or she would like to hear to stream them for free.

You will only need to sign up on this website if you want to download music for free online, else you can simply begin streaming songs on this platform without signing up.

Sadly, for the users, the website recently updated its user interface and removed some of the cool features that were available before. The major features included creating custom radio stations and the feature that allowed you to interact with other listeners on the forum.

5. Audiomack

Link of this website-

A platform that has been on the rise for quite a while now, the Audio Mack has a great user interface and is often known as the best alternative to the SoundCloud website. The website has a large collection of artists, labels, and many other things so the user can discover great music and have an amazing overall experience.

The website is very well categorized and some of the major sections include trending, top songs, and top albums that can help the user to discover tons of great artists and songs. The trending section has gained huge popularity in a short period, thanks to the genres that it has which are updated in real-time. Some of the major genres of this section are hip-hop, electronic, and reggae.

Most of the artists offer their remixes and originals for free downloading, although not every song can be downloaded on this website. But the good news is that you can stream all you want on any operating system as the website is compatible with every operating system.

6. Audionautix

Link of this website-

This website was created by a composer that goes by the name of Jason Shaw who shares the music that he creates on this platform and lets you download it without getting into trouble with copyright violations. The website is free to use and offers music in MP3s.

It is a great website where the categories of the music are labeled perfectly. All this comes with a great user interface which makes it one of the most complete websites to stream music on. The website has a few great features that can help you in discovering the library, just like the keyword, tempo, or even the genre. You can also try to use the moods category to stream music.

One of the major highlights of this website is that you can simply download music for free on this website without having to sign up or to like a certain page on Facebook, something which has become quite common and can be seen on many websites in 2021.

It is a great website to stream and download music from, just make sure that you give credit to the composer if you want to use the song in a video.

7. NoiseTrade

Link of this website-

This website has tons of different artists who have uploaded their songs and albums that you can check out for free. You can even donate in case you like the song and want to show your appreciation and support for that artist.

The website is 100% free and legal for you to use. But if you want full access to this website, you will need to enter your email address and your postal code as the website only lets you access the library partially until you do so.

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You can simply check out and discover new music in the trending and top songs section of this website. Once you have entered the correct details, you can download the albums and the albums will come up as a ZIP file.

8. Beat Stars

Link of this website-

One of the latest websites that offer free MP3s music to download and stream as well, the beat stars is one of the websites that was discovered only recently by users. The website has one of the cleanest user interfaces that comes with a dark mode.

The best thing about this platform is that you can get all of the free and legal downloads in one place simply with the use of this link,

But before you begin, you must take note of the fact that you will need to enter your email address on this website, only then will you be able to download songs for free. Once you have done that, an email will be sent to your inbox by the website.

You may have to like some artist’s profile or even subscribe to their YouTube channel at times, but it’s all good since this trend is quite common and can be seen on a lot of websites. You can filter songs by genre, moods, top-selling, latest, and trending.

In case you are looking for a song, in particular, you can simply do so by searching for it with a reference, a vocal, chorus, or even a beat, etc.

9. Free Amazon Music Store

Link of this website-

This one gives you tons of benefits if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. You can get access to millions of free songs that you can stream and download to save them for offline listening on any device. You can either try to use the trial or you can pay for the membership to make the best out of these services.

For those of you who do not want to pay for a subscription but still want to listen to songs, here is a life hack that you might not know. Just simply visit the company’s free music page and you can find the songs that you can download in the digital music section.

Make note of the fact that this hack can only be used by the people who own a regular Amazon account. You can either download these songs one by one or you can also add them to the cart just like you do with your shopping list and then check out all at once when you think that you have chosen all of the songs that you wanted.

10. Free Music on Google Play Store

Link of this website-

Similar to other premium subscriptions, Play Music has also been a great source for downloading music for free and legally. Sadly, the platform has been deleted on 24th February 2021. In case you feel bad about that, you can try to use the YouTube Music platform which came as a substitute to this music site.

As per the website, it was quite easy to access music as it had a great user interface. All you had to do was to visit the music section and type free songs. The result will be shown in three different sections like the album, artists, and songs. The website also had a see more button where you can click to see more free music options.

These are some of the best music websites that you can access to download and stream music for free. Several premium music streaming websites like Apple Music, Prime Music, Spotify, etc., also offer free trials so you can try to download and listen on there as well.

The list shown above has the best sources that you can use to download and listen to songs without spending anything. But all of the websites are not completely free of cost, some of the platforms on our list are paid and one can only stream music there for free.


Music unites people in a manner that can’t be expressed in words. From slow beats to trap music, the world of music has something for everyone.

You can use any of these sites although we will advise you to use the legal ones to access the songs of choice. You can even download them to listen to them offline whenever and wherever you like.

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